Sunday, July 19, 2009


Wearing: Richard Chai for Target Top, Earnest Sewn Jeans, Vintage Bag

Still kickin it Oslo style. This is at the base of the Opera House in Oslo. It looks like an arctic glacier and reflects the sun just as much. Super sleek and white, with by far the classiest bathrooms in the city. Architectural details transcend exterior details when the walls of bathrooms are shiny purple glass.  I just went to Bergen for the weekend, which was a little like a time-warp to a time of dried cod and cobblestones. So incredibly beautiful and quaint, but I am glad to be back in Oslo. I have a feeling this week will be filled with art museums and leisurely saunters, and Harry Potter 6 TOMORROW!
And...why would I ever leave?


  1. cute shirt, and i hear that harry potter is pretty good! hey feel free to stop by my blog to go into the drawer to win a gorgeous clutch. perhaps a nice addition to the summer wardrobe?


  2. Still enjoying yourself I see :) Hope you liked the Harry Potter movie I doubt I'll see it

  3. wow oh boy! oslo looks gorgeous! as do you! :) great top!