Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane

As I begin to prepare for a rather hefty jaunt in the Land Of The Midnight Sun, the question I seem to find myself asking most is not, " What should I bring," but rather " How is this all going to fit?"
As you can see in this photo, I have begun to lay out all the necessary clothing articles I may need during 7 weeks in Oslo.
For the most part, this is all that's going with me plus or minus a few new items, but not including toiletries, electronics, reading materials, a pillow, or a towel. See how the question of fit comes to play. Somehow, whether by grace of god or sheer fate, I will manage to be able to fit it within the restrictions on checked luggage set forth by the airline. The true mystery of whether or not I can move all of it myself once I arrive in said destination is yet to be determined.
Though my family may smirk at the immense amount of stuff going with me, I am inclined to reply... "but what if I need that?" And its true, during seven weeks anything can happen, and I will be fully prepared. Whether it's a black lace dress and heels or a north face and hiking shoes, its all laid out, ready for the suitcase to carry them along on my totally exciting (next) journey.

You're not a heavy packer if you can fit it in one bag... right?


  1. "You're not a heavy packer if you can fit it in one bag... right?"

    Right Madeline! :) Have a safe trip. Hope you have a really great time.

  2. I'm horrible at packing! I always pack more than I need so I can choose outfits based on mood.

  3. I know how you feel-- you should have seen my bag (s) for india!
    when do you leave?!

    ps- wheeling carts in the airport = key

  4. Bon voyage, mademoiselle. Rendez-vous en Janvier!

  5. i say take an empty suitcase and buy a new wardrobe on vacation ;) i'm pretty bad at packing also. have fun on your holiday


  6. Have fun!!!!

    And, I would say you're packing light ;)