Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hippie Day Dreams

This purse by Vanessa Bruno makes me think of the summer of love. Just looking cool, listening to music, and hanging out. This bag is the ultimate summer staple. For me, a summer bag, no matter the size must be able to be slung over the body. Whether to lighten the load or keep close while dancing in a crowd, in summer there's no other option. I love this season's retrospect into the lang of small cross-body purses in the most buttery leathers.
It also just makes me think of the merry pranksters and the summer of love, and very little makes me happier than hippie day dreaming.


  1. Its lovely...there's something bohemian and summer-dress-like about it...

  2. its a nice little satchel thats for sure..


  3. cute stachel and i looove that photo, woodstock yeah?