Sunday, March 29, 2009

Crystalized Claws

It is three days from April and it snowed. I hate to be such a brat about the weather, but really... Mother Nature, this is unfair. The trees however were stunning. Everything is coated in this intense white sparkle. Its a little like being in a winter fairy tale. However,  I couldn't bring myself to do an outfit post, I'm feeling slightly feverish and was more concerned with packing than getting dressed, but I did do some major crafting. Get ready for an intense post about it coming soon.
And my little dog is a Westie, named Flannigan. He has a super cute face, but he's afraid of the flash so he never looks right at the camera. I'll get his face up here next time I'm home for sure.
Maybe it will be Spring, next time.


  1. it snowed where i am too this morning! however it melted by the end of the day, so i'm okay with it.

  2. I am so glad you commented on my post because it made me make my way over to your blog, which I love!!!
    Great photos : )

  3. I it is like that in Georgia sometimes Its the middle of winter and all of a sudden for a week the sun is out and its blazing and flowers start to bloom than BAM!!!!! Ice everywhere, all over the flowers and roads...sigh. But I'm sure spring will b here soon (sorry for the long post :D )

  4. GAH Flannigan is the cutest westie ever!!!! and i adore your snow pretty!

    thanks for your comment, hope you had a lovely weekend!

    xxx LM

  5. i'm so sick of cold and snow all the time.
    this week spring's finally arriving in germany. :)

    hopefully you'll have more luck with the weather soon.