Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Polite Ghosts Fading Quickly

Wearing: Ruffle Anthropologie Top, Urban Cardigan and Chiffon Mini, Black Tights, Franco Sarto Boots

I'm slowly realizing how much of my wardrobe had been dictated by my places of employment. On a lighter note, it's almost spring. When does it become okay to wear bare legs again?


  1. I guess it does defeat the purpose of a costume... I absolutely love your outfit and the lighting. =)

  2. These photos are beautiful! I'm not sure when it's ok to go bare legged... I suppose when you know they won't freeze without stockings :-)

  3. such good photos,
    wear your bare legs when you have a tan!! and when its warm, ive seen people do it now, and its freezing xx

  4. Beautiful pictures! Do you have someone take them or are these with a timer? They are so stunning!


  5. I have a new obsession with yellow cardigans... I love your outfit!