Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Wearing: Thrifted cutoffs and vintage white blouse. Vintage pop beads, Anthropologie belt and head band, purple cardigan

Today is one of those days where it started out really warm and sunny, then slowly but surely turned into a grey and blustery day. I suppose that means that this beautiful weather was nothing more than a mere tease.
I'm thinking about starting to intermix inspiration and d.i.y ideas between outfit posts. So hopefully within a few days I'll have found my new blog's "true voice."
p.s. at the top of the picture, there is some blue duct tape attached to the cement from a failed attempt at hanging bright 70s tapestries to liven up the place. The tapestries didn't stick, but the tape sure did.


  1. this looks is so gorgeous! lovely photo too :)

  2. I hate when the weather does that... In Seattle we will have sun, snow, rain, and wind all in a matter of hours. It's nuts.

  3. That is such a simple, yet incredibly lovely outfit. Beautiful!
    and the weather you described if just like the Bay Area. One moment will nice and warm and then the fog comes in. Or one side of a town will be sunny and warm and on the other side of town it's very foggy and drizzly.