Monday, April 6, 2009

Cocktail Cockatiel

I made this ring as my final project in my jewelry class last semester. It reminds me of a war torn water lily. I really like how it came out. Its so light, beautiful and fragile, yet tough and large. My only fault was in making the edges so jagged, I achieved the effect I wanted, but forgot that it might be easy to snag fabric on it. Thus this ring is not for wearing to work. 
I absolutely love working with metals. Its amazing how you can fabricate such a beautiful object from something in the Earth. I wish being a jewelry major didn't mean staying in school for another year, otherwise, I most definitely would have switch majors.
 I'm thinking about making an epic chain necklace next. I have a whole spool of gold chain and it snowed again. 
Snowy day craft project take 2?


  1. your ring is gorgeous! i love the contrast of rough material with delicate organic shape. cant wait to see more ;)
    xo s

  2. It is an extraordinary ring...beautiful!

  3. its beautifulxxx yes it does look like a lilly

  4. oh my goodness! this is lovely!

  5. this is wondorous, even if you don't major in jewelery you should definetly do something with jewelery design.

  6. beautiful ring. very organic.