Thursday, April 16, 2009

Porcupine Provision Does Not Rhyme With Parisian

Wearing: Urban Tank, Anthropologie Wrap, Vintage Earrings, Faded Jeans ( not pictured)

Thursdays are either very relaxing or very hectic. This one is a combination. 
I had class, then a large break then have class right before I have to go to work.
It might be the first legitimate day of spring, which is greatly appreciated.
I couldn't muster up the energy to try a new outfit and stuck to a classic. 
Ruffles, Cardigan, and Intense Accessories--- My style in a Nutshell.

These are some of my favorite earrings ever. 
They are so large and over the top. I'm pretty sure I got them at a small thrift store,
but I can imagine finding them at a Bohemian Market in Paris.
They make any outfit just a little bit more out there ( which I like!)

As a college student with little money and even less time,
I mostly eat oatmeal, pasta, or sometimes frozen vegetables.
Needless to say, I'm sick of it and I felt like baking today. I went to the grocery store with a list of ingredients and came home to bake.
This is a Green Onion and Swiss Quiche made from combining multiple recipes.
I'm actually rather surprised it came out as good as it did.
The perfect lunch!

For dessert, I made a Blackberry- Banana Bread made from altering this recipe from Chocolate and Zucchini ( my favorite place to find recipes)
I simply substituted blackberries for cranberries and found myself with the most delicious purple treat.

I feel like today is a Paris kind of Day.


  1. Great outfit!
    But I know what you mean, b/c here we have a cabinet dedicated to pasta noodles lol. That and lots and lots of rice lol :)

  2. You look absolutely beautiful in that first picture.
    I love all of this.

  3. i love your tank, cute...

    wow..i never eat that foods before. it's look delicious espceially the Blackberry- Banana Bread

  4. Oh my goood! those earrings are amazing. You're so lucky you found them.

  5. what a chef you are! that quiche looks delicious.

  6. Your earrings are so beautiful! And I love the combination of that layered tank with the lilac wrap :)

  7. Those earrings are perfect! And that food looks delicious. ;)