Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Plaid and Lace Win The Race!!

Wearing: Vintage Christian Dior Shirt, Anthropologie Knit Military Jacket, Gap Body Knit Slip, UO lace tights, Vintage Red Flats

So this is a pretty typical day, just hanging out with some public sculpture.
Just Kidding!
I don't normally wear red or black, so I felt a little gutsy walking out of my apartment before class, but I love the plaid with the lace. There's something punk and demure about it.

And.. new changes to the blog.
I added Bloglovin' so now you can follow me through that if you wish. And I sure hope you do!
And I also am in the process of adding link lists, so if you would like to link up, leave a comment or an email.
And..I got a Header!!

P.S. The song of the day is Trades and Tariffs by The Dodos.


  1. I love your outfit, the tights are killer. x

  2. Oh well first of all thanks for the comment. :) It was sweet.

    Secondly, lovely lovely photos. For a strange reason...I felt so honored when you commented my blog. haha. Shall we trade links?

  3. I love everything about this look. You described it just right. Very punk and demure. I'm interested to know where you got that vintage Dior!

  4. Love the stockings...very cool site for the photo too.

  5. the plaid with the lace is a really nice touch, i like the red and black! xo

  6. Thanxx dear ! :) Yes-it's faboulos here !! :)

  7. loving the jacket, the buttons down the edge look so nice. Great sculpture for pictures, I feel so nervous taking photos in public.
    ps.swapping links sounds like a fine idea

  8. wow, you dress amazingly for such a typical day!!

  9. great picks.
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxx

  10. Normal I don't like black and red, but it really looks good on you.

  11. You've been linked as well. :)
    I'm glad to have found your blog.

  12. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! If you are going to Oslo, you must try New Orleans (Cajun food), åpent bakeri (coffee, bakeries and sandwiches), Kaffebrenneriet, and shopping at Grûnerlokka, Karl Johan (main street) and Bogstadveien. Let me know when you are in town, and we can meet for coffee!

  13. You look great in black and red.
    And I love the mix of lace and plaid. Very classy.

    And I'm glad you added a header, pretty. :)

    take care love

  14. these are such cool pictures
    and i really love the outfit!!