Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer in the City

This is why Chicago is the best city. It looks like this. Thank you Frank Lloyd Wright! This is for sure the only city in the world that has prairie flowers overwhelming skyscrapers.
This is a view from a reflection stream in Millenium Park. We went to the Art Institute to see the new Modern Wing, which is absolutely amazing. It's totally beautiful, very sleek and white, and houses about twice as much modern art as was in the museum previously. Best of all.. Its totally free forever. If your ever in Chicago.. you must check it out.

Wearing: Urban Outfitters Shorts and Sweater, Lark and Wolf Oxford, Michael Kors Shoes, Vintage backpack
We went and sat by the lake for a bit. The sailboats looked so beautiful against the deep blue water. I felt that despite the rediculous color palette of my outfit, it looked rather east-coast country club. I haven't unpacked a thing since moving back home, so I really didn't have a whole lot of options. Despite the plain aspect of the outfit,  it was comfortable and the colors were super goofy!
And this is my boyfriend  Michael... he was my companion on my city adventure yesterday. He takes all my wonderful pictures and is just as fun as he is adorable. He also takes the crown as the best shopping buddy ever. He successfully talked me out of every single item I considered, including the perfect yellow silk ruffle tunic.. 
I dreamed about it last night, but really shouldn't be spending any money before my big trip, so I'll take it as a minor loss.
Overall.. best first summer day in the city yet!


  1. Chicago looks amazing! those pictures make me wish i was near a beach. the boats and the sand do look great against the water, and your colorful outfit couldn't fit better with the whole scenario.

  2. you look so cute! ah and i'm so jealous that you've been to the art institute. it's on my "to do list" of places to go. =]

  3. whoooo chicao! holler!! =]