Saturday, May 16, 2009


Wearing: Anthropologie Dress, Australia Sweater
My brother went to his senior prom and this is before picture time. He looked so dapper in his tuxedo. My mom insisted on taking a picture of the two of us, and this was us, giving some sass.
I just came home for the summer today, and it's so weird being home. There's a ton of food and its always really quiet. Totally different from school. 
I also.. purchased a new camera and have been taking pictures like this...

Hooray its finally summer!!


  1. seems your new camera is very close to professional! I like tuxedos! and you are dressed i a more romantic way, it's like from an older era the 50's maybe!
    take care

  2. No man could go wrong with one of those tuxedos!
    You both look very classy.

  3. You both look great. I hope you had a nice weekend.

  4. Such an adorable picture of you and him. I LOVE it! That's so cool you got a new camera. That picture is gorgeous. :)

  5. loooooooove that dress!